Blake Top

As I have said many times before, when I first started crocheting, there was not a lot of free patterns and I decided to start this blog to share some. Of course I saw myself earning a living from it one day, but I never wanted to stop sharing here.

“My Adventures in Crochetland” is all about my journey, from beginner to advanced, from crocheter, to knitter, to sewist, to Tunisian. I want to share it all.

Recently I felt a little burned out. There are so many new designers out there who create amazing pieces and a lot of pieces are so similar, so fancy, with the puffy sleeves and the corsets, I just wanted to make something simple, easy enough for a beginner but still cute and fashionable…and “Blake” was born!

I’m going to share the pattern here but you can buy the PDF on Etsy, Ravelry, Lovecrafts if you want to support me. That version contains step by step pics as well as a video link demonstrating different parts of the design.

Pattern is written in US terminology 

Stitches use:
Single Crochet (SC)
Chain (Ch)
Double Crochet (DC)
Slip Stitch (sl st)

♥ Crochet thread- size 3 OR fingering weight yarn
-(Aunt Lydia crochet cotton/ DMC Crochet cotton) OR KnitPicks Comfy fingering yarn     
♥ Crochet hook- 5mm
♥ Stitch markers or paper clips

pattern fits a 34c cup (medium) but measuring your body/bust area will give you an idea on decreasing/increasing. the top is loose fitting so when measure, hold the tape loose.


The cord I used is a Romanian Cord but you can use a cord of your choice eg, i-cord, a SC or HDC.

Using the measurement obtained for the strap, create 2 cords of equal lengths then usethe measurement obtained for the waist tie and create a cord.

Romanian Cord: Ch 2, SC into back ridge and top loop of the 1st ch. Turn work to the side, there will be a single bump. SC in the bump. *Turn work to the side, there will now be double bumps. SC in the double bumps.*

We will now work Section A of the top.

Using the measurement from the “loose bust measurement”, crochet a FSC with an even number. Sl st to the 1st SC to join the row. (ensure the FSC is not twisted).Alternatively, you can create a ch and SC into each ch. Remember if you want 200 SC for example, you will ch 201 and SC into the 2nd ch from the hook.

SAMPLE: My bust size is 36”, I created a FSC of 45” which was 200 SC.

R1: Ch 2 (doesn’t count as a st) DC into the same st. DC into each st for the entire row. Sl st to the 1st DC to join. (st count will be equal to SC).

Repeat R1 until Length A is reached (the point where you want the armholes to begin).

SAMPLE LENGTH (CROP): 10” with armhole depth of 7” therefore I repeated R1 until it measured 3”


To find the width of 1 panel, divide the total length by 2 and subtract 2.(You can place markers at these points -both panels will be equal and separated by 2sts on either side)


PANEL WIDTH= 200/2-2 = 98STS


R1: Sl st in the BLO, Sl st in the next st, ch 2 (doesn’t count as a st), DC in the same st, DC in each st to marker.

R2: Ch 2 (doesn’t count as a st), turn, DC in each st.

Repeat R2 until length B (armhole depth) is reached.



If you are able to, attach a new skein.

DC from the 1 marker to the next marker.(same side where you ended the last panel). Ch2, turn. 1st row will have the same amount of stitches as the front panel.

R2: Decrease at the start by making 2DCtog, DC to the last 2 sts, 2DCtog. (Row count will be equivalent to the total number of rows made for the front panel.)



We are now going to finish up by making an edge along the armhole area.

NOTE: SC row will be with WS facing, sl st row should be with RS facing.

When both panels are completed. *Turn garment sideways, ch 1 and make 2SC in each DC row. Ch 1.

SC in the 2DC (from length A), ch 1. 2SC in each DC row of next panel. Ch 1 at the top, turn and sl st into each SC and the 2 chs made at the “V”. DO NOT FASTEN OFF. *

Repeat ** on the other side.


Ch 2, DC into the FLO of each stitch across the top of the panel. Ch 2, turn, HTRC into each st. place cord onto the garment and fold the HTRC row so it lines up to the row where we crocheted into the FLO. We are going to sl st the HTRC row to the BLO.

Alternatively you can create the casing and then attach a pin to you cord and insert.

Repeat at the other panel.

Find the middle of the project, at the front of the garment and place a marker. Attach yarn 1 st before the marker and ch 2(doesn’t count as a st).

SAMPLE: Length is 200 SC, fr

ont is 100SC. centre will be 50SC. Place a st marker here.

R1: In the same st as the ch 2, DC in the FLO at the st before the marker, DC in the FLO in the st with the marker, ch 1, sk a st. DC in FLO in each st, until there is 1 SC left. Ch 1, sk a st, sl st to 1st DC made.

R2: Ch 2, HTRC in each st. sl st to 1st st to join.

R3: Fold R2 to meet R1, sl st R2 to the BLO of R1.

Attach a pin to the cord and run through the casing.

Fasten off.

If you liked this free pattern, and want me to share more, would you like to donate so I can buy more yarn?