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Diamond Barefoot Sandal free pattern. OceansOriginals

Diamond Sandal

Hi guys. I can’t believe its almost the end of the month already. (I feel as if time is speeding up). I’ve been working on a new bikini/crop top and I have the pattern written up but ended up having to make the piece a little bigger so I had to frog it..And now, I don’t … Continue reading Diamond Sandal

Pineapple Amigurumi Free Pattern. OceansOriginals

Pineapple Keychain

Hi everyone.. It’s been a while.. I haven’t been crocheting (or doing anything really) for a little while..I was a bit under the weather and so, my motivation was basically non- existent. The actual weather for the last couple days has been quite dreary as it’s the Rainy Season. The rain, combined with the flu made … Continue reading Pineapple Keychain