Adventures in Crochetland

Welcome to my world.

Hi, I’m Alice and my passion-to create. Living in Trinidad and Tobago blessed me with the opportunities of being laid back and carefree.. The unmatched beauty of my twin island, captivating, motivating and inspiring.

Currently, my time is occupied with yarn however I aspire to master different fibers. Crochetland is where I go to relax, where I’m a little mad.. and where I believe anything is possible and I welcome you to gaze into a window of my soul, to share in the adventures with me, to take a look at my creative endeavors.

What I do here




Jewelry Making

Adventures in Crochetland

Chapter 1 (Down the Yarn Hole)

I taught myself how to crochet in 2015. It all began when I decided I wanted to dreadlock my hair. Research suggested “crocheting the hair into knots” so I bought myself a hook.. It didn’t work out (because I didn’t understand the concept of crocheting) so I tossed the hook into the junk drawer and found someone to do my hair. Fast forward a few months and I’m scrolling through Pinterest and I’m captivated by a bikini.. When I realized what the textures were, I decided there and then that I had to learn!

Chapter 2 (It’s my own invention)
I learned the basic stitches.. I did a couple rows of about 20 stitches.. CH, SC, HDC, DC and TRC then it was off to make a bikini.. lol. There was very limited resources for (free) patterns online at that point.. I didn’t even know what crochet was before I discovered the pic on Pinterest. I started fiddling around with the hook, shaping and ripping the yarn (actually it was crochet thread, didn’t know about yarns either). Eventually I was able to make a triangular shape that became the base of all my projects. I started designing pieces and sharing them on a blog. I enjoyed every moment of it! I was even recognized by “The Crochet Crowd” for my “Aquata” top… My proudest crochet moment.

Creating something, beautiful and unique, from “nothing” by simply using my hands, instilled a spirited and enthusiastic confidence in me and motivated my non-conformist, eccentric self to take the road less traveled.

Chapter 3 (The Queen’s Crochet Ground)
Now here we are, at my garden of crochet patterns.. all approved for a summery island vibe.

I decided to name the site “Adventure’s in Crochetland” even though I may include other forms of crafting, because it’s through the joys of crochet I found my other interests. I hope one day to increase the content on my blog to include my other pastimes.

My aspiration is to channel my intuition, inventiveness and spirit into creating and appreciating my life in a less traditional way.

♥One love and Positive Vibes♥